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London EC2N 2AT
United Kingdom

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Thank you for your interest in the MBRM Bookshop.

MBRM users can save 30% (or more) off the list price of most financial books. The discount is in two parts :

  • First discount :
    All purchasers (even non-MBRM users) receive an immediate discount of 15% (or more) off the list price for most financial books when placing the order. The discounted price on the MBRM Bookshop reflects this discount.
  • Second discount :
    In addition to the first discount above, purchasers from the MBRM Bookshop receive an additional 15% credit to be applied to their next purchase of MBRM's UNIVERSAL software. When placing the order for the UNIVERSAL Add-in software, just quote the purchase price (and invoice number) of the book order(s).

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer of our Bookshop.  [click here] to access the MBRM Bookshop.