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Jun 1998

Our new Single/Cross-Currency Swap Grid (spots & forwards) customized for brokers was developed in collaboration with GNI Financial Products.

The Swap Grid is one of many Excel based applications provided FREE with UNIVSWAP. Advantages over "closed " systems include:

  • Ability to monitor arbitrage opportunities in real-time.
  • New arbitrage ideas can be implemented in-house without divulging them to the "closed" system provider to implement for everyone else.
  • Enhanced analytical capability. Ability to smoothly blend deposits, futures, FRAs, bills, swaps, bonds etc.
  • Flexibility to easily customise the swap grid screen for each trading desk.
  • Flexibility to link to most real-time feeds.
  • UNIVSWAP incorporates, at no extra charge, our industry standard analytical toolkits:
            UNIVOPT - Universal Options Add-in
            UNIVEXOT - Universal Exotics Add-in
            UNIVYLD - Universal Yield Add-in
            UNIVINT - Universal Interpolating Add-in

For further details, please contact our Sales Team

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