MBRM - MB Risk Management
29 Throgmorton Street
London EC2N 2AT
United Kingdom

Switchboard: +44 20-7628 2007
Support: +44 20-7628 2008

MBRM Technical Support Facilities

Our role is to act as partners with our clients, developing their needs, which benefits them and ourselves.

With our theoretical, technical, and practical expertise, we undertake bespoke system development projects to develop customized solutions for our clients.

Our thousands of users worldwide have made our algorithms a standard in many markets.

If you are interested in building your own systems, you can now license the latest version of these algorithms from the people who designed and implemented them. Our source code is fully ANSI standard C/C++ compliant. This is compatible with most platforms, including Windows, Unix/Linux, AIX, Solaris, Mac OSX and Alpha VMS.

However, please note that our source code is only offered to end users for their internal use (i.e. not to software houses - due to confidentiality issues).

Please feel free to contact us for source code pricing.

+ All orders subject to MBRM's standard terms
+ Terms subject to change without notice.
+ Local sales tax/customs duty may be payable.