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Nov 2000

MBRM are pleased to announce the launch of their enhanced web service: "http://www.mbrm.com/asp"

Dr Barakat, Managing Director of MBRM, says "This is just the tip of the iceberg. We shall be using this new leading edge infrastructure and ASP technology to role out new analytic products and services at a faster rate, and at lower cost, than we have ever achieve in our 12 years history of pioneering low cost financial analytics.

We will try and keep the service free for all, and believe we will generate value from the resultant additional market penetration of our UNIVERSAL Add-in software and the training and consultancy services we offer to the financial engineering community."

The MBRM web service ("http://www.mbrm.com/asp") provides :

  • Download of free trials, upgrades & previews of the UNIVERSAL Add-ins.

    With 30,000+ users world-wide, the Universal Add-ins are the most widely-used derivative software for Trading, Risk Management and Arbitrage (Convertibles; Bonds; Exotics; options; Futures; Swaps). The Universal Add-ins have modifications and improvements that are the result of over 12 years of industry use and constant development.
  • Instantaneous online licence number generation for both trial and purchased licences of the UNIVERSAL Add-ins.

    This increases the efficiency of your own internal staff and is a free asset tracking system since it provides a record of where our software is installed in your organisation.
  • online Support/Discussion Forums and searchable Support Knowledgebase to assist you in maximising the benefit from using our Universal Add-ins and ensure you are one of the first to preview the latest models and enhancements.

    Even if you are not an MBRM software user, there are a number of free discussion forums for you to register in. These FREE discussion forums include:

           + Employment opportunities Forum
           + Econometrics Forum
           + operational Risk Forum
           + Regulatory/Compliance Issues Forum
           + open (Miscellaneous) Forum

  • online analytics, in an ASP service WITHoUT needing to download, covering Bonds, Commodities, Energy, Equities, FX, Money Markets and Swaps.
    Available screens include:

           + option analytics
           + Convertible Bond analytics
           + Asset swap analysis

           + Exotic option analytics
           + Cheapest to Deliver analysis
           + Credit Derivatives

    our commitment to research and development, with open communication and dialogue with our extensive client base, means that additional analytics are constantly being added.
  • online quotes, proforma invoices and buying of the UNIVERSAL Add-ins.
  • online arranging of Risk Management Consultancy, Training courses, and Workshops. Programs are tailored to your requirements.

    You need not be an MBRM software user since the assignment could be to validate your third-party or in-house system; or to have an independent analysis of your total risk management framework (or of specific deals).

    Previous assignments have covered a broad range of topics including Cash Flow Analysis, option Modelling, Enterprise Risk Management, Scenario Analysis and Structured Products.
  • MBRM Bookshop where you can save up to 30% (or more) off the list price of most financial books.
  • A free online dynamic directory of buyside and sellside industry contacts which can help improve your team's market visibility :

    "MBRM Who's Who directory for the Financial and Energy Markets"

    online registration is free for Banks, Brokers, Corporates, Entrepreneurs, Insurance Companies, Investment Managers, Mutual Fund Managers, Service Firms and Venture Capitalists.

For further information, please contact our Sales Team

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