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Oct 2001

ExoSonic and MBRM join forces to jointly develop advanced pricing tools and risk management solutions in the form of easy self-contained, reusable software components.

ExoSonic, an innovative e-finance solutions provider, and MBRM, the makers of the most widely-used derivative software for Trading, Risk Management and Arbitrage, have decided to join forces in developing advanced pricing tools and risk management solutions in the form of easy self-contained, reusable components which can be leveraged in large, highly distributed systems (n-tier architectures).

MBRM and ExoSonic have agreed to share and leverage each other's knowledge capital to develop component-based pricing and risk management solutions. MBRM will provide ExoSonic with its state-of-the-art financial functions, which ExoSonic will encapsulate into components that can be leverage in large, highly distributed systems. These components will subsequently be used as building blocks for the ExoSonic Financial Server.

Dr. Barakat, Managing Director of MBRM, says "We are extremely pleased that Exosonic chose MBRM as the exclusive analytical provider for their intra/internet enabled distributed systems. This provides the end users with a best of breed system which is PRE-INTEGRATED. This reduces both the time and cost of implementing the systems."

The ExoSonic Financial Server is built on top of the industry J2EE standard and provides component-based services for derivative pricing, risk measures such as VaR, portfolio management, portfolio e-reporting, and technical analysis. The Enterprise Java Beans, forming the core of the ExoSonic Financial Server, will be deployable on BEA's Weblogic and IBM's WebSphere J2EE compliant application servers. The ExoSonic Financial Server is the component-based backend of ExoSonic's e-Finance Portal Toolkit product. The e-Finance Portal Toolkit is ExoSonic's portal technology for deploying thin-client financial applications using visual components such as portfolio views, market data views and chart views.

About ExoSonic

ExoSonic is at the forefront of the component-based development arena. Using component technology based on J2EE and Microsoft .Net specifications, ExoSonic provides financial institutions a wide variety of e-finance products and services in the form of easily-configurable, customisable and plug-in components supported by solid consulting expertise.

About MBRM

MBRM are developers of the world-famous UNIVERSAL Add-ins. MBRM's software is used world-wide in mission critical applications by most major Investment Houses, Money Managers and Corporate Treasuries.

With 30,000+ users world-wide, the UNIVERSAL Add-ins are the most widely-used derivative software for the pricing, risk management, trading, arbitrage, fund management and auditing of securities, options, futures and swaps in the convertible, fixed income, commodities, energy, equities, foreign exchange and money markets. Links with most real-time feeds creates a powerful and dynamic analytical environment.

MBRM are pioneers of the financial add-in and toolkit market segments and have been continuously providing leading edge analytical solutions since 1988 and have one of the longest successful track records in the industry. MBRM regard this as essential since every sale is the start of a long-term partnership.

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