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Dec 2002

December 3, 2002 - The Professional Risk Managersí International Association (PRMIA) is pleased to announce that MB Risk Management will join PRMIA as a major corporate sponsor. Based in London, England, MB Risk Management will be providing both financial and non-financial support to PRMIA in furtherance of its mission to provide a nonprofit forum for the free exchange of ideas about risk management.

"As PRMIA continues to offer free membership and to strive for continuously improving distribution of resources to risk managers worldwide, we are very appreciative of the support that MB Risk Management has committed to us," said David R. Koenig, Chair of the Interim Board of Directors for PRMIA. "Our membership and the MB Risk Management clientele are from a broad geographic distribution. Their support allows us to continue to offer free web-based delivery of resources to risk managers in both developed and emerging markets, which is a central objective of the PRMIA Mission."

"MB Risk Management are very happy to support PRMIA in its global activities which benefit all risk professionals, including our users who undoubtedly wholeheartedly approve our cooperation with PRMIA," said Dr. Mamdouh Barakat, Managing Director of MB Risk Management.


PRMIA is the Professional Risk Managers' International Association. Founded in 2002, PRMIA currently has 34 chapters around the world, and over 4,100 members in more than eighty-five countries. PRMIA is a non-profit, member-led association of risk professionals dedicated to the advancement of the profession worldwide through the free exchange of ideas about risk management.

PRMIA has local chapters in London, New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Russia, Poland, the Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Zurich, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Philadelphia, Boston, Charlotte, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Houston, Seattle, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Visit www.prmia.org for more information.

About MB Risk Management

MB Risk Management (MBRM), founded in 1988, are developers of the UNIVERSAL Add-ins. With 30,000+ users world-wide at Investment Houses, Money Managers and Corporate Treasuries, MBRM's software is used for pricing, risk management, trading, arbitrage, fund management and auditing of securities, options, futures and swaps in the convertible, fixed income, commodities, energy, equities, foreign exchange and money markets. A free fully functional 30 day trial of the Universal Add-ins can be downloaded from http://www.mbrm.com.

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