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Oct 2003

MBRM are pleased to announce that Yen Yee Chong, a Consultant at MBRM, has written a new book on Operational Risk management. The new book is titled "Handling Investment Risk Management" and includes procedures for compliance with Basel II regulations. It will be published by John Wiley in December 2003.

MBRM are also pleased to announce major model enhancements to their Universal Add-ins Suite, including enhanced boot-strapping algorithms for Credit Derivatives, support for POWER options pricing and risk management, Globally Floored Cliques, Path Dependent Equity Basket. For more details, please see http://www.mbrm.com/press_releases.shtml

About Yen Yee Chong

Yen Yee Chong specialises in working on the new financial regulations for banking and fund management known as "Basel II". He is experienced in Operational Risk management, having written three books on the subject for the Financial Times publications group since 1997:
  • "Risk Management in Russia and the Baltic States",
    FT Publications, London 1997
  • "Managing Project Risk",
    FT Management-Prentice Hall, London 1999
  • "Delivering your e-Promise : Managing e-Business Projects",
    FT Management-Prentice Hall, London 2001

He designed an intranet-based Operational Risk management prototype for handling Basel II compliance for MBRM.

He has worked in retail and investment banks around the world, especially in the Treasury and dealing environment.

Previous companies have included :
  • Citibank Savings (UK)
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Lazard Bros.
  • Moscow-Narodny Bank
  • National Bank of Greece
  • EFG Eurobank

His education included a BA Hons degree in Economics and an MSc degree in Management and Artificial Intelligence. He taught Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence at university in Sweden. He was visiting-Assistant Professor of Economics in Estonia for the Soros-funded Civic Education Project - part of the Central European University. He has worked and lived in UK, USA, Sweden, Estonia, Greece, Russia and Malaysia. His next assignment is in Credit Risk Management for the German government KfW. He is currently based in London.

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